неделя, 22 декември 2013 г.

New way of Reading

For anyone who has ever read a good book in bed.The campaign is for Steimatzky Books, the largest and oldest bookstore chain in Israel.
1.Don Quixote
2.The Fellowship Of The Ring
3.The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
4.Robert Service’s biography, Stalin
5.The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
6.Pippi Longstocking

петък, 10 август 2012 г.

Embassy for Martians on Earth

This young writers’ workshop in Sydney by architects LAVA is parading as an embassy for Martians on earth
LAVA worked alongside producer Will O’Rourke and arts organisation The Glue Society to design the centre for creative writing charity The Sydney Story Factory, who organise classes where children can develop imaginative writing skills.
A skeleton of plywood ribs surrounds the space, integrating seating, counters and shelves.
Travel essentials for Martians fill the display areas and can be purchased at a plywood counter, while the workshop desks are located just beyond.
“The concept is to awaken creativity in kids,” explains LAVA director Chris Bosse, ”so the design acts as a trigger, firing up the engines of imagination”.